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Our Difference

At the Tipping Point?

The medication, the counselling, the 12-step programs, the group therapy…you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.

Welcome to Emergo Recovery.

Compared to what’s offered everywhere else, what we do here is so radically different, and yet so logical, that it works. Hundreds of adults have left Emergo with the wellness and tools to move forward and lead healthy, happy lives.

We’re not your typical treatment program or wellness retreat. What’s so different about Emergo?

Our Difference

1. An approach that’s free of shame

Where the medical system says you should buckle up, put your head down, find the willpower and get over it, we say, It’s not your fault.

Neuro-science has taught us when the brain experiences trauma—physical or emotional—the nervous system reacts and creates imbalances that can lead to self-destructive behaviour. We believe in talking about the future, not the past (you wouldn’t talk to a broken leg, would you?). We believe medication can lessen pain but not free you of its source. We believe in discovering and then balancing the root cause of your struggles so you can begin a journey of recovery.

2. This is a lifestyle. This is integrative treatment that leaves nothing to chance.

Instead of talking about health, we live and breathe it. We believe in seven-days-a-week schedules, from 6:30 am until 9 pm. We believe in addressing your physiology first. If the brain has experienced stress or pain, we’re not going to talk about it, we’re going to nurture it—with neurobalancing technology, and with food that restores the gut (your second brain) and, therefore, your mental and emotional health.

No toxins. No cigarettes, no refined sugars. No group therapy. No 12 steps. No faith-based programming.

We believe in evidence-based techniques like SMART Recovery®, Positive Psychology, and experiential therapy. We believe in nutritionally tailored paleo-ketogenic meals, yoga, meditation, and fitness. We believe in building calm and confidence with mind-body connections. We believe in balance, in moving forward, in finding your spark. We believe in The Science of Happiness.

3. This is your program

You won’t know it, but while you’re in your guided meditation class, out grocery shopping with the nutritionist, or working with a coach, our team is planning your days—your meals, your activities, your coaching, your next steps—to help you meet your specific goals. Every day is your day.

In addition to our full-time team of 14 care professionals, we have an extended team of 13 independent care professionals we can call upon to support your unique needs.

4. This is the perfect recovery environment and the real world

On our beautiful, sprawling country property and with kind and creative professionals at your side, this is truly the ideal place to begin your journey of recovery. But we also know that when you leave, you need the skills and confidence to face the real world, so we step out into it every day to do things like shop for groceries or attend a special yoga class, lead random acts of kindness or go for a wilderness hike.

Remember When You Were Free of All of This?

Get your life back. Integrative recovery tailored to your needs.

5. Transparency

Where other programs keep families in the dark about treatments and discoveries, at Emergo, if clients voluntarily sign the waiver, we give your family regular updates about your progress via phone, text or email, and we send photos showing your journey and experiences. It’s important the whole family begins to heal.

6. Family involvement

At Emergo, we believe family involvement is crucial for two reasons. One, we need to get a full understanding of the client’s life events to as well as their gifts and skills so we can prepare a tailored coaching plan and help them identify a new life purpose they’ll be excited out.

Second, to help your family member succeed, they need to return to an environment that supports their new lifestyle and continues propelling them forward. To help you make those changes, our unique family coaching component involves six to ten hour-long sessions with a private family coach, which doesn’t include the client. Family coaching is designed to help the family see their role and to create positive change in their lives.

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