Post-Partum Depression

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.

This is the time in your family’s life that’s supposed to be filled with joy. Instead, you feel something heavy, something beyond sadness, and incredible guilt that you can’t be the mom you wanted to be.

Post-partum depression is both more common and more serious than you might think. And for many moms who try traditional approaches—talk therapy and medications—it gets worse over time and with other pregnancies. Which is why it’s so important to get effective help now.

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An Integrative, Brain-Focused Approach to Overcoming Post-Partum

What they don’t tell you as your belly swells and the gifts of onesies come in, is that having a baby doesn’t just change your body. It changes the chemistry in your brain. For some moms, that means when the little one emerges into the world, you’re left behind with a mind that creates feelings of anxiousness, helplessness and feeling overwhelmed. And then there’s this baby who needs all of you, all the time.

At Emergo, we use what we know about how the brain works to focus on relieving the source of your depression: the activity in the brain. Our natural, multi-dimensional approach involves using both advanced brainwave optimization to relax and restore brain function and balance, brain healthy foods, and an entire neuro-centric approach to recovery and wellness

How Do We Do It?

Our 10 Dimensions of Wellbeing
  1. Brain health
  2. Therapeutic modalities
  3. Positive Psychology
  4. SMART Recovery®
  5. Life coaching
  6. Learning
  7. Nutrition
  8. Physiology
  9. Family coaching
  10. After-care coaching

Our Difference

Our residential post-partum treatment and wellness program helps save families because it’s not like other programs. From focusing on nurturing the brain and involving the family to tailored programming and paleo-organic meals, we leave nothing to chance and everything to science.

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Post-Partum Symptoms & Related Problems

  • Crying excessively
  • Severe mood swings
  • Challenges bonding with baby
  • Withdrawal from social relationships
  • Dramatic appetite changes
  • Insomnia or excessive sleep; inability to get out of bed
  • Lack of energy, fatigue
  • Feeling inadequate, guilty and ashamed about your abilities as a mother
  • Trouble focusing, making decisions, concentrating
  • Ideas about harming your baby or yourself
  • Suicidal thoughts

Don’t Risking Waiting for Effective Post-Partum Help

Left untreated, post-partum depression symptoms can last for months and even years, creating rifts in the family, bonding and developmental challenges with baby, and worsening symptoms in future pregnancies. Some mothers suffering from post-partum depression experience life-threatening thoughts that need immediate attention.

But Other Therapy Didn’t Work

We hear this from the families of moms suffering from post-partum all the time. They’ve tried counselling and they’ve tried medication. What they haven’t tried is recovery the Emergo Way, which relieves the source of symptoms in a natural, holistic way that sets clients on the path to wellbeing and happiness.

“I’m happier than I can ever remember being.”

Linda C.
Post-partum program graduate

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