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You Can Do This.

Just for a minute, think about all the good stuff you want in your life: Waking up to enjoy the sunrise and a cup of coffee. The serenity of feeling perfectly content. A partner who loves you sleeping next to you each night. Work that you kick ass at, and that makes a difference in the world. A family that’s proud of you for all you’ve overcome.

That future—free of struggles and filled instead with happy moments—is closer than you think.

What Can We Help with?

Remember When You Used to Smile?

Discover wellness and your spark.

This Isn’t Just Recovery. This Is Emergo Recovery.

Our residential treatment and wellness program helps save families because it’s not like other recovery programs. From focusing on nurturing the brain and involving the family to tailored programming and paleo-organic meals, we leave nothing to chance and everything to science.

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