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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Emergo Recovery?

Emergo is a private residential recovery and wellness program.

Where are you located?

We have two locations. Our recovery centre is located on 14 private and serene acres near Alliston, Ontario, Canada, 77 kilometres north of Toronto Pearson International Airport. We also have a corporate office with classrooms located in Barrie, Ontario.

Do you offer transportation services for out-of-town clients?

Yes. We can arrange one of our senior team members to pick up and drive clients to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

How long is Emergo’s program?

Tailored for each individual, Emergo’s private residential treatment program typically runs from four-to-six weeks. We also offer executive wellness programs that take place over two-to-three weeks.

What is the cost of your treatment program?

The cost of Emergo’s residential treatment program depends on the needs and treatment plan of each individual. Tuition is all-inclusive, with no hidden extra fees. Our admission’s team will provide an accurate price once we better understand your unique situation. To help us, please submit an application for admission

Why is Emergo a private program?

emergo actualized recoveryAt Emergo, your privacy is paramount and kept in perpetuity. As a private program, we tailor your treatment plan to best meet your needs, rather than being mandated by a government agency or insurance company. That is why we do not keep a public record of your enrolment in our residential treatment program. No government agency will have any documentation or knowledge of your time here at Emergo. 

Will my private insurance cover the cost of the program?

As the fee for Emergo’s residential treatment program is paid directly by the client or family, you will have to check with your private insurance carrier to see if you are covered.

Will OHIP pay for treatment at Emergo?

OHIP will not pay for private treatment at Emergo Recovery or any other private centre.

Do you have financing available?

Emergo Recovery is affiliated with Medicard, which offers a simple and affordable way to finance our private recovery and wellness program.

Is there a waitlist?

Enrolment in our recovery treatment program is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. While we offer a waitlist, we work to enrol clients as soon as possible, typically within one-to-two weeks.

What's the first step?

We ask that you first submit our private and secure application for admission online. Our directors will then review your application and one of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving it. 

What's your success rate?

Our success rate varies with each individual case. In an independent anonymous online survey, conducted by our clients and their families, the results showed that:

  • 97.2% reported significant, lasting positive results.
  • 79.4% reported being “very” or “completely” satisfied, post-program.
  • Serious negative behaviours were reduced by 89.1%.
What do I have to do to succeed in the program?

We require two things from each of our clients in order for them to be successful. This includes:

    1. A commitment to the length of the program (four-to six weeks).
    2. Your best effort with each scheduled activity, coaching, or learning opportunity offered.

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What if I don’t have an addiction issue? Can you still help?

We have found that nine-to-10 people with addiction disorders also present with mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and others. That’s why our Actualized Recovery Program is focused on brain health and is tailored to treat each individual case. We don’t use steps, we use science.  

Are you a detox centre?

Emergo is not a detox centre. However, we can work with you and your family to refer you to a detox centre if it’s deemed necessary.

Do you have an after-care program?

Yes. Our after-care plan is created with our clients, in consultation with their families, during the final phase of treatment. Our after-care plan includes one-on-one coaching with a senior Emergo Coach and other professional recommendations tailored to best support each individual.

What does a typical day look like?

Each client is provided with a treatment plan that is used in creating their daily schedule. A typical weekday normally begins at 7:15 a.m. and continues until appoximately 9:30 p.m., while weekends normally run from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Can you help me enrol a loved one who is refusing help?

Yes. We have extensive experience and on-site professionals to help you approach a loved one who needs help.

What is the food and diet like?

Nutritional therapy is an important aspect of your treatment plan at Emergo. We follow a Whole30 meal plan that offers grass-fed and grass-finished meats, wild-caught fish, organic vegetables, organic fruit, raw nuts, as well as healthy fats and oils. All of our delicious meals are prepared by a Red Seal Chef.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

A doctor’s referral is not required for our private recovery program.

Will you work with my doctor and/or psychologist?

We welcome input from your MD, psychologist or therapist if it’s deemed to be of value, as we believe in a collaborative approach to your recovery and wellbeing.

Can I call my family from your residential treatment program?

Yes. Family coaching calls are arranged once a week, normally on Sundays.

Who is a part of the Emergo team, and how many are professionals?

We have an extensive team of 18 professionals who have a wide variety of credentials. This include: PhD (candidate) in neuroscience and psychology; Masters of Education, Masters of Psychology, Masters of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Work (RSW), Recovery Coach, ICF Life Coaches, SMART Recovery Coaches, Kinesiology, Recreational Therapy, CanFit Pro, Positive Psychology, Red Seal Chef, and more.

How many clients are there at a time?

Emergo offers individual programs to two-to-six clients at a time. Clients must be consenting adults (18 years and older). We welcome and work with all genders.

Do you offer the 12-steps program?

Emergo does not practise the 12-steps program (AA) or any other faith-based program. We are the only private residential program in Ontario certified to offer SMART Recovery® (Self-Management and Recovery Training), a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based approach to address addiction and self-destructive behavioural issues. We do not place labels or shame on those recovering. Instead, the power comes from knowing that everyone has a choice.

Are you a publicly or privately-funded recovery program?

Emergo is a private program and is not publicly funded.

How does Emergo approach privacy and confidentiality?

All client privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importnace and is kept in perpetuity. We do not notify or confirm your enrolment with any government agency, border agency, company, university, or other group. We only communicate with those individuals with whom you have given your full authorization for us to contact. 

Can I leave treatment, or is this a lock-down facility?

Emergo’s private recovery program is a voluntary program for consenting adults 18 years and older.

What do I need to bring or pack?

Click here for packing list recommendations.

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