Emergo Recovery Fees

Emergo Recovery is a private wellness and addictions recovery program. Just as you can access private education by funding tuition yourself, private, self-funded recovery offers an alternative to government programs. Since we are not supported by public health care or health care plans, our fees are not covered by basic provincial health care. Some private insurance plans and health spending accounts may cover a portion of your fees, and you will be responsible for accessing and handling that payment as we are unable to work directly with insurance carriers.

It is the responsibility of the client (or client’s family) to ensure fees are received in full on day of admission at Emergo Recovery.

How Are Your Fees Determined?

Every individual’s needs are different, so we determine your program plan, and your fees, during your intake assessment consultation with your admission specialist.

What Do the Fees Cover?

The enrollment fee includes all aspects of our comprehensive program—your meals, your care, your activities, your therapy, including an appointment with our consulting Naturopathic doctor.

Sometimes we take clients to special events and activities, like seeing a specialist physician or going on a boating outing, or skiing, and if an additional fee is required, we’ll discuss it with you in advance and ask for your approval. Rest assured that, save for a special activity, you will only be asked to pay the fee determined at the outset. No surprises.

Request Fees

After reviewing your application, we’ll provide you with our most recent fee schedule along with a detailed explanation.

Inquire or Apply

We look forward to answering your questions or processing your application. For faster answers, just call 249.877.8776.

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