Recovery Is a Family Process: The Emergo Way

Emergo Residential Treatment

Recovery Is a Family Process: The Emergo Way

Most of the time, when someone enters a residential treatment program, their family says good-bye knowing they will be kept in the dark for the next several weeks. There might be phone calls, but they’ll have no idea what’s at the bottom of all of this, how their loved one is progressing, or what the family can do to help make recovery lasting.

At Emergo, we believe recovery is a family process. Your husband or your son or your wife or your sister is about to create an incredible, wonderful change, and your family needs to change too. To heal. To find healthy new ways to move forward. To support each other and help ensure the change is lasting.

So, one of the pillars of our program is Family Coaching. During these sessions, our goal is to create a healthy home environment. It’s perhaps one of the most critical environments for people come out of residential treatment for addictions, depression and other conditions because this is where your family members finds necessary boundaries, support and new ways to communicate.

We’ll say it again. Family involvement is a crucial part of recovery. Here’s why:

Letting Go of Wounds

It’s likely the relationships in your family are broken. Dysfunctional. Painful. Stuck. These are all anchors women and men in recovery need to let go of to move forward just as you do. So, we work on healing the emotional wounds of everyone in the family, and then build a fresh start—a foundation of trust.

You also have the ability to provide insight into the client’s history with a clarity that will help us best determine how to help them recover.

Celebrating Strengths

In the fog of this hurtful path, it’s easy to forget your partner or your friend used to be great at something, used to get excited about something. You give us an invaluable window into your family member’s gifts and skills. This allows us to discover their purpose—the activity or work that’s going to make them excited about their future.

It’s also a moving, positive way to start anew and channel what you want to see for your family member.

Witnessing Progress

Washing dinner dishes. Doing yoga in the meadow. Testing out the cockpit of a jet simulator.

During your family member’s stay, we text you photos of them doing the meaningful activities that are part of their journey to recovery. Almost daily you get to see for yourself how they’re doing, how they’re changing, how they’re gaining a light in their eyes. Sometimes they’re down, and we’ll show you that too. It’s all part of self-discovery.

It gives you peace of mind and joy to know how they’re doing, but even more, it gives you a chance to believe and envision that things really are going to be different.

How We Involve Your Family in Residential Treatment Programs

In addition to frequent updates, given your loved one’s informed consent, the family coaching component includes six to 10 telephone sessions with your private family coach.

These sessions, which last about an hour, give you strategies to create healthy relationships and a healthy home environment that will support your loved one’s lasting recovery. To focus solely on the home environment, your family member in recovery is not included in these calls.

Three of the elements focused on in family coaching include:

  • Starting fresh from a place of total honesty. For many families, who have been hiding the truth or not talking about the truth for years, this can be a breath of fresh air.
  • It’s important you have the tools to set up and stand by positive boundaries so your loved one understands consequences, and that good choices and actions yield positive results.
  • Communication. Now you’ll have simple, usable tools to express your hopes and needs in a way that’s positive.

With a strong foundation and a strong home environment, you increase the probability of your loved one’s success.

Are you imagining what it would be like to have your family back? Our family and brain health-focused residential recovery program helps you move from a place of crisis and fear, to a place of calm, strength and promise for the future. Get help now.