Another Kind of Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment at Emergo

Another Kind of Anxiety Treatment

Derek* had nearly lost everything to his anxiety. He’d lost his marriage. He’d almost lost his business—a fitness gym. He’d lost the ability to simply wake up and want to go outside and be around other people, and for him anxiety treatment became a debilitating cycle of self-medication.

And then his family said, ‘Something has to change.’

The 32-year-old’s life was once filled with so much promise. He was athletic and attractive. He was ambitious and outgoing. He was kind and took great care of his family and the clients at his gym. He was a successful entrepreneur.

And then, somewhere along the way, his symptoms of anxiety began to take over. The anxiousness about being around people. The fears about how he wouldn’t be able to cope. The panic attacks. The inability to sleep. The inability to do little things, like focus and comprehend a paragraph on the computer screen.

He didn’t want to be locked inside, away from the people and activities he loved. So he took advice about anxiety treatment. He saw a psychiatrist. And a psychologist. He tried multiple prescriptions. But the anxiety medication only made him feel worse—more fears, more lethargy, more helplessness. And now he fell into a dark depression.

So, like so many people struggling with the symptoms of anxiety, simply trying to get through the day, Derek began to self-medicate. He chose marijuana. Over time, the marijuana made things worse. He didn’t see it, but his family did. Derek just wanted to escape and self-medicate. But his behaviour became erratic and filled with anger and rage.

It wasn’t a life. His family wanted more for him. He wanted more for himself, but he didn’t know how to get past it when he’d tried everything. Or so he thought.

Not long after Derek arrived at Emergo, one of the changes he noticed was “brain fog” lifting, quickly and deeply. And that wasn’t just because he was abstaining from marijuana. It’s also because he was eating truly healthy food for the first time in a long time, food that would allow his brain to function well. The sugar spikes of fast food, a staple of Derek’s before, has a dramatic impact on depression and anxiety.

Since our recovery program is so focused on improving brain health, clients eat a therapeutic paleo-ketogenic diet prepared by professional chefs.

We Don’t Do ‘Steps.’ We Do Science.

The science includes: Orthomolecular approach to healing, plus detoxing the brain and body, benefiting from non-invasive neuro-technology to optimize brain function, plus Biophilia, vibrant exercise, play & fun, and learning from Positive Psychology, or the science of happiness.

Now Derek had brain clarity. He started reading again. He read and read.

He also took an interest in what our chefs were doing. He cooked with them. He shopped with them. He learned what foods his brain thrives on. And he savoured meals.

He’d always had the kind of metabolism where he looked fit whatever he ate, but now he felt well, and, most important, his brain felt well. He had something we like to call ‘brain envy.’ When your brain is in great shape, you feel great.

His zest for self-improvement and making the most of his time at Emergo was inspiring, and within five weeks, he’d done so much more than turn a corner. He had the wellness to leave behind those debilitating feelings of anxiety and depression and begin to build on confidence, calm and clarity.

For the first time in a long time, he was loving life.

Since returning home, he’s turned his business around and is always gaining new clients inspired by his passion for true health and wellbeing. His family has healed. He is on his way.

Are you searching for anxiety treatment for a friend or family member? Emergo offers a path to wellbeing and a healthy, fulfilling life free of the symptoms of anxiety through a unique approach based on science and brain health. Learn more about our approach to relieving anxiety symptoms or get help now.

**The client’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.