Our Accreditations

As certified Brain Health Coaches using the Amen Clinics Method, we’re able to improve the lives of our clients with this unique brain health-oriented approach developed by the renowned Dr. Daniel Amen. We’re the only Ontario recovery centre to help people relieve symptoms of numerous conditions using the Amen Clinics Method.

ASAM, founded in 1954, is a professional society representing over 6,000 physicians, clinicians, and associated professionals in the field of addiction medicine.

SMART Recovery® uses evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as proven tools to achieve mental and physical balance as addictive behaviours are addressed. We’re the only facilitators in Ontario to offer this progressive and effective approach to breaking the cycle of addiction.


CSAM, founded in 1989, is a professional society in Canada committed to advancing the education and practices of health professionals in the field of addiction medicine, Substance Use Disorder, and Addictive Behaviour.

Certified Mental Health Nutritionist

As Certified Nutritional Practitioners (CNP), we’ve graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition after completing nearly 20 on-campus courses and a co-op program focusing on everything from metabolism to Ayurvedic nutrition.

Nutri-Body® Analysis

Nutri-Body® Analysis is a nutritional assessment method that allows us to pin-point each person’s unique biochemical weaknesses. Scores are compared only to the individual’s overall health (rather than statistics or standards) to give the most accurate picture of how the body needs to be supported nutritionally.

Mental Health Nutrition Certificate

The Mental Health Nutrition certificate, delivered by the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, helps practitioners understand the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle as they relate to mental wellness and numerous mental health issues including anxiety, depression and cognitive decline.

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