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How Actualized Recovery is Changing Lives…Here at our Center, and Around the World.

emergo actualized recoveryEmergo Recovery’s beginnings are rooted in questions: Are imbalances in the brain a source of self-destructive behaviour? If bones can be healed, why not the brain? If the brain can rebalance and recover, how?

Over the years, the answers to these questions have led us to create one of the most progressive, integrative and brain health-focused recovery programs in Canada. Unlike many other residential treatment centres, we focus on moving forward not by talking but by doing—doing everything we can to reset and restore balance in the brain and the body, and inspire the spirit.

Our Approach

Our holistic, integrative approach combines neuro-balancing technology, personal and family coaching, a range of therapeutic modalities, nutrition, fitness, Positive Psychology and more to create a targeted, tailored recovery plan for each individual.

This method makes it easier to recover from a range of conditions, including addictions, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, concussions, depression, eating disorders, anger disorders, postpartum, PTSD, and failure to launch. Our evidence-based method is called Actualized Recovery, and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with treatment and wellbeing professionals around the world.

Our Recovery Center

Our kind, creative and expert team includes 14 full-time staff, ranging from coaches to professional chefs, and nearly a dozen consulting professionals such as nutritionists and naturopathic physicians who round out our holistic and personalized recovery care.

Emergo Recovery is a privately held company registered and recognized by the province of Ontario, Canada. We are located on a sprawling and serene 14-acre private property near Barrie, Ont., where clients can immerse themselves in the healing wonders of nature and begin their inward journey of recovery and self-discovery.

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